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I am having marketing and production team to process the sales orders, The marketing team will create the sales order with all details like item delivery date price etc. and production team will process it and mark the sales order delivered.

Now what I want is that the production team should not able to view the pricing that is offered in sales order, is this possible? How I can set this, please let me know.

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Hi, try looking at User Permissions Manager and Role Permissions Manager

Hi @johnskywalker , Thanks for extending help :relaxed: can you please share further steps mentioning which fields do I have to change to achieve the said.

or Please redirect me to any documentation or related post…

Am trying to hide the purchase prices from Marketing and delivery team.


Please to refer to the links below for Managing User Permissions.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @ArundhatiS and @johnskywalker

Thanks for the responses but it seems the user permission and role based permissions will apply on whole document(Correct me if I am wrong). As I said in my example that production manager will able to make the delivery from make button but not able to see the field which are marked in below screenshot.

Hello @deepak727
For field based restriction you can use Perm Level in Permission Manager,



Thanks a lot for you reply and suggestions, and yes this link solved my problem.

you can see the below screenshot.

Thanks, this helped me what i wanted to achieve.

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Can you tell me how to solve it because the link is not working?