Sales order import - not find name, address

Keep receiving the not customer name, shipping address error message when import new orders.

These all new orders and with total new shipping address.

How can I import them?


The aim here is for imports to succeed, all references to any associated DocTypes must already be imported to be found , to resolve the data model.

Hi @clarkej ,

This not make sense to me.

Here is my situation,

I have customer A which helps me sell the product online,

Once customer A receives orders, I will process the orders and ship orders to the end customers.

Those customers’ info has never been stored in the system.

You mean, I need to create those customers in the system then create sales orders?


Yes, Customer, Address data and so on that a Sales Order refers to must already be explicitly specified by say a prior import; that missing data is not simply created.

ok this suggests otherwise, I am misinformed and am leading you astray Data Import Tool