Sales Order Item Amount Calculation Script

Hi, I am trying to add some calculations for new fields in Sales Order in v12.

It should trigger with every change in items, so I wanted to add on to the existing script.

I tried adding to taxes_and_totals.js and transaction.js but it did not work. Can I know where is the script located at ?

the two files mentioned should be the correct place… what exactly is not working?

did you do “bench build” after the changes? did you try to debug via browser dev tools?
if you have new fields added, you can probably also do it via custom script?

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I only did bench clear-cache and bench clear-website-cache and it didn’t work.

“bench build” command was the solution! Thanks.

Adding on to the existing script would be a lot simpler than a new custom script so I decided to add on instead.

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Fully understand the approach of directly adapting. Just be careful, any ERPnext update you install will overwrite your changes!

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Yup! Thanks!