Sales Order Item | Missing Discount section - ErpNext v13

Hi everyone,

I need you help on sales order. I just install v13 and i was not able to add discount on sales order.
I noticed that discount and Margin row are in DocType “Sales Order Item” but when i try to use it, section is hidden by CSS. Do you know why ?

Note : “Remise et Marge” is the french of “Discount and Margin”

up !
Anyone ?

For information, i created an issue on github

For adding discount and margin it is mandatory that the item should have a standard selling rate set. Else the system will not provide you the option for manual discount selection - this is what I understood while exploring the discount and margin field.

Go to item master → under Sales, Purchase, Accounting Defaults add "Default Pricelist " → standard selling → save

Now try to prepare the sales order and check for item edit you will be able to see the discount and margin section