Sales Order>Manufacturing Clearance/SDI (including most Sales Order fields)>Work Order (Add features to Material Request (Mfg))

Hi All,
Our sales orders tend to be a bit open ended with respect to “required by” dates, and we plan our actual production only after reciept of a Manufacturing Clearance from the customer. In our current methods (non-erp) we have a document called a “Shipping Dispatch Instruction” which originates from Sales Orders, and captures all information regarding updated required by dates, specific addresses for delivery, requirements for a Pre-Dispatch inspection etc. We pass on this document to our manufacturing team who then puts it into production. Once manufacturing is complete, the SDI also forms the basis for special instructions to packing and dispatch, as well as the base document to create the invoice and delivery notes.
In ERPnext, the best document to serve a similar purpose as our SDI would be a Material Request (from Manufacture). This works well, except that it loses out a lot of data that is captured in the Sales Order (notably item rates, full address’s, etc.). I would really like if the Manufacturing clearance could capture all data from the Sales Order, so that it can then become the sole reference document for Manufacturing, Delivery and Invoicing.
Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the best ways to achieve this.
Another process flow that came to mind was to create “Blanket Orders” instead of Sales Orders and then create Sales Orders only once we have specific manufacturing clearance. I will try this out, but somehow it doesn’t seem as intuitive as using the Material Request as described above.

Hi Aditya,

Welcome to the community. Looks like you’ve already made significant progress in your implementation and are addressing Level 2 or even Level 3 issues.

So, you want to do a Sales Order>Material Request>Manufacture>Shipment process on ERPNext

Have you considered adding a Custom Field in the Sales Order document and then using values Pre-Production Process; Cleared for Manufacture

With a bit of scripting, you can ensure that a Work Order cannot be created till the value in the Custom FIeld is Cleared for Manufacture.

Will that address your situation?

Trust this helps.



Thank You Jay, that is a good idea. I have been trying to add many many custom fields to the Material Request to map the required data from the Sales Orders. This should be much simpler.
I will try both and confirm which one works out better.