Sales order no longer exist

Dear friends the sales order r no longer exist on the document type

please advice what to do

Please provide more details, for example

  • what you did before and after the SO disappeared
  • is there a message
  • where did you search
  • a screenshot even of the page where you cannot find the SO

the SO cycle is working fine with the sales ppl however when the sales manager try’s to close the sales order now this error appears

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It may possibly be because of the sale order name of in the screenshot. Dashes are ok but ’ hyphen characters can occasionally cause problems especially if your myself instance doesn’t have the correct charset used. Also are they hyphens or ‘long dashes’ that Microsoft love to use? If you can rename this SO this may help. Only a guess though …

I’m guessing you’re using python2.7 which tends to have more if these issues.

Hello everyone

to fix that issue, I did try dumping the DB & importing intro a new installation, if found out that all the customer address were not going to the same required columns, i did normal data export from the Application level the export and import also got the same error, I’ve fixed the file myself by editing it using the XLS & guess what what it went smooth
yeah its a work around but my new system is working fine now :slight_smile:

I’ve kept the corrupted instance in case of any idea to fix it up