Sales Order not saving if Contribution for sales team is not 100%

Hi there,

it seems not possible to save sales order if Contribution in Sales Team is not 100%, any reason for that?

Problem could be figured out if there are both sales team and partner for a sales order

IN ERPNext, there is no logic of incentive calculation, it just keeps record what is the contribution of a sales person within the whole sales team.
May be sales team is not fully responsible for the deal, their contribution is 60%. Then within that 60%, what is the contribution of a sales person, it keep tracks of that.

@nabinhait thx for the explanation; I still can’t get how to set team to have 60% responsability of the deal, any hint?

If you want to track that, you have to do that via Custom Field.

@nabinhait Yup I thougth that, problem is the Contribution to Net Total calculation; just wondering if it can be overwritten by custom script.

May be a PR would work?

May be just remove that 100% validation. Can you send a PR?

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