Sales order or invoice to record

Hi guys, my business is a retail business (selling directly to customer) and I kinda confuse about sales transaction. If there’s a sales should I record it using sales invoice or sales order?

create sales order first …using that sales order make sales invoice.

Since I’m a retail business there’s a lot off small selling, is there’s a way to record it directly instead of those 2 step?

You can make invoice directly and check update stock.

You don’t have to create a sales order. It is quite possible to create an invoice alone.

You should also look the Point of Sales

Use POS to make sales if you have barcode of all items. Else you can use Sales Invoice with Is POS ticked to make sale and collect money in same document. Also make sure to tick Update Stock if you want stock to be deducted.

Don’t tick Is POS or stock if you sell on credit and deliver items at later time. For that you need to make Delivery Note.

Sales Order doesn’t do any financial transactions. It’s also called Proforma Invoice in some locations.

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Yes, you can directly make Sales Invoice. Make sure in Selling Settings, the “Sales Order Required” field is set to No.

Hope this helps!