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Hello everybody,

I need a case such that whenever i make a sales order, i need to be free of entering “Rate” of the item. I don’t want the Rate to be fetched from Price List (Standard Buying / Standard Selling / etc…)

Even i disabled all the price list, the message will keep showing and it stops further process.
How can I make a SO or PO without price list?

Can anyone help me?

@umair Can you check


it automatically inserted item prices. thats why it pulls rate even after i diabled price list.

Now i deleted all item price and checked ignore price list…

and also i have changed the file in stock module

def get_price_list_rate(args, item_doc, out):
	meta = frappe.get_meta(args.parenttype or args.doctype)

	if meta.get_field("currency"):
		validate_conversion_rate(args, meta)

		price_list_rate = get_price_list_rate_for(args.price_list,

		# variant
		if not price_list_rate and item_doc.variant_of:
			price_list_rate = get_price_list_rate_for(args.price_list, item_doc.variant_of)

		# insert in database
		if not price_list_rate:
			if args.price_list and args.rate:
#				insert_item_price(args)      # Commented by Amalendu
				pass						 # Added by Amalendu
			return {}

		out.price_list_rate = flt(price_list_rate) * flt(args.plc_conversion_rate) \
			/ flt(args.conversion_rate)

		if not out.price_list_rate and args.transaction_type=="buying":
			from erpnext.stock.doctype.item.item import get_last_purchase_details
			out.update(get_last_purchase_details(,, args.conversion_rate))

what is the correct way?


You can make Item’s Price List field editable from:

Selling > Setup > Selling Settings

Check field “Allow user to edit Price List Rate in transactions”.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply…

Checking that field still adds item price for the first time and second time onwards it automatically fill the item rate in SO.


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In my case Item Price Not coming after maintaining price list for buying as well as selling.