Sales Order Quantities incorrect - how to adjust?

  • I’ve manually made a Sales Order and created a Sales Invoice from this.
  • Both docs are submitted, no payment nor delivery has been made yet

Now it has turned out that the quantities in my Sales Order are not correct and I need the deduct 100 pcs from one of the items. What is the way to do this best?

I can make a return SINV/credit note which should take care of the Invoicing & accounts payable part, but how do I tell the Sales Order to be satisfied with only a part of the items being delivered?

Do I need to cancel the Invoice and then cancel the Sales Oder and likewise start from scratch (aka “amended” documents)?

found the solution in the manual

in short:

  1. create a Return/Credit Note with the excessive quantities or item from within the original Sales Invoice (that takes care of the accounting side of things)
  2. Make Delivery of the actually sold goods from either the Sales Order or the Sales Invoice
  3. Go >Status >Close within the Sales Order after the actual delivery was made. This prevents the Sales Order from demanding delivery of the not yet shipped goods (which never will be shipped because of the cancellation)