Sales Order rate float precision differs from Sales Invoice's


My Sales Order rate float precision is 4 decimal places. I submitted the SO and generated the Sales Invoice. But when I tried to submit the Sales Invoice I got an error saying I was overrating (or something similar).

I finally understood that the Sales Invoice rate float precision is only 2 decimal places (thus different from the SO’s equivalent field) and that’s what’s causing the error.

I finally solved it by removing 0.01 from the rate but this is not correct and should not be needed.

I searched the forum and found this old post in which @rmehta says one can set the float precision in the System Settings:

I found that it was already at 3 and changed it to 4.
I also tried changing the precision on the Sales Invoice Item rate field to 4.
Both to no avail as all the currency fields (EUR) are still only showing 2 decimal points except for the Sales Order rate.

Please advise.


Please check if developer_mode = 1 in site_config.json file before changing precision.

I have the cloud version. Do I also have this option?

If you are using ERPNext hosting, you could check with the support team for further assistance

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Oh I see. I usually ask everything on this forum. But I’ll start using the inbuilt support for those issues. Thank you.