Sales Order Revisions - Already Invoiced Some Items

Hello everyone,

New to the forums so thanks in advance for any help.

I’m deploying ERPNext for my business but I need a little help setting up/customizing the sales orders. Unfortunately, our customer revises their Purchase Orders all the time. Today, I entered in revision 15 of a PO they’ve sent us.

So in ERPNext once I’ve created a sales order, we start manufacturing, and we might ship a quantity from their PO and invoice the customer for it. So I have linked invoices and delivery notes. The customer then revises their PO. What is my best course of action for this problem?

I can’t cancel the current sales order, because it has linked documents. So I can’t make a new amended version. Should I allow editing on submission? Will this screw up making delivery notes and invoices in the future on that sales order? I would really like the sales orders to have revisions that match the Customers PO revisions, if that’s possible.

Any and all advice is really appreciated. Thank you!

@Matthew_Smith the Sales Order is frozen since all downstream planning depends on it.

You can

  1. Keep updating the Quotation instead of the Sales Order
  2. Don’t submit the Sales Order until you think its final.


Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, I think this disqualifies ERPNext for our use. We really need the flexibility to edit sales orders when our customers revise their POs. They might have 10 lines on a PO, we have shipped some items already, and they call us to change the quantity of an item. This happens all the time for us.

Is it possible that a Sales Order Replace tool could be made?

Thanks again for your help, I’d really like to find a solution to this because I really like ERPNext, but this is a requirement for our business.

Yes anything is possible :slight_smile:

ERPNext is open source, so you are free to improve it (or pay someone to do it!)

Let me know if anyone has implemented this functionality.
We are also looking for this feature.

Hi, we had this same scenario in our company, what we did is we customize the Sales Order Item, for the undelivered items we can change the item without cancelling the SO