Sales Order Status Updates to "To Deliver" After Sales Return

Hello ERPNext Community,

When a Sales Order is created then delivered and invoiced to the customer, the status of the Sales Order will be updated to Completed.

In the event the customer ended up returning some of the items because they didn’t need them. We will create a sales return against the Delivery Note while issuing the Credit Note as well.
Once the Delivery Note is submitted the Sales Order status will be updated once again to To Deliver. This is annoying because the sale has already been completed, and it leaves a lot of Sales Orders left open as To Deliver.

I know this can be solved by closing the Sales Order manually, but this restricts us from creating any future Sales Returns against that Delivery Note (unless we manually open, then close the Sales Order again).

I was thinking that in cases of Sales Return the Sales Order could be updated to “Partially Returned”, or “Returned”.

I’m curious if anyone else is inconvenienced by this?