Sales Order Stays as "To deliver and bill" status when multiple batches from an item are delivered on Delivery Note or Sales Invoice


In 2017 @nabinhait posted a slolution t othis issue: Delivery Note / Sales Order didn't change status when Items Delivered are Different Batches - #4 by nabinhait.

As I understand, this issue arises because a new column is added in the DN and such column is not linked to the SO.

The solution proposed suggests to pull the items several times from the SO using the “get items from” button.
I believe this solution is good enough if your SO’s contain few items. In our case, our SO’s may contain up to 30 items with several batches each, which makes it very complicated to perform correctly.

I propose 2 solutions/improvements:

  1. Enable the “Sales Order” field in the Items so that we can select it manually on each new row, without needing to pull all the items from the SO several times.
  2. Can we enable an option to “Get items from:” “Material transfer”? that way, all items and batches could be pulled from the relevant “Material transfer”, and avoid re-typing all the additional columns.

Thanks in advance!!