Sales order to MatReq or Production Order

Hello, all and sorry for the stupid questions…
I am learning the ERPNext and want to pass through the whole process from SO to the manufacturing of the product.
For this I made the study example nested BOM for PC:
-PC (main BOM)
—System Block (SB - sub-BOM)
------motherboard (MB)(1 in opening stock!)
------CPU (5 in stock)
------2*RAM (4 in stock)
------Assambly (1h)
—Power Supply (PS)
—Assambly (3h)
Next, I made the Sales Order for 10 PCs.
Fine, what to do next? I run the “production Planning Tool”.
I filled it from the SO and it generated the line for 10 PCs. Next was “Production Order” button, I pressed it and received “PRO-0001 created”. I opened it in another TAB of the browser and see the correct “required items” and their quantities and this ProdOrder is marked “Not Saved”. I saved and submitted it.
Here “Start” button appeared and I pressed it - I received “New Stock Entry” with “Material Transfer for manufacture” purpose. BUT the quantities are without consideration of current stock!
Now, when I press “Make Material Request” I receive MR with exactly the same quantities, again without the current stock consideration.

I understand that I do something wrong. But what do I miss here?
Thanks a lot ahead for any help.

There is no fixed flow as such, but here’s a good one I follow just to cover everything.

Sales Order → Production Planning Tool → Create Prod Order → Create Material Requests → Purchase Cycle (if stock is falling short)

After completing Purchase Cycle → Production Order → Material Transfer → Start → Timesheet → End.

I would encourage you to go through the tutorial videos on YouTube since they cover these basic cycles very well: