Sales Order to New Quotation - Possible?

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Question I’m asked often due to the nature of our work. Can you create a Quotation based on a previous Sales Order? Often times we will produce an order for a customer (eg 50 signs) and they’ll contact us in 6 months time saying “we’d like another 100 of those signs but with some changes to the artwork, can you send us a quotation please?”. In that scenario we’ve already converted the original Q into a SO and produced the original job. The ability to duplicate that SO as another Q would be very useful in a number of scenarios for us.

Failing that I will, of course simply make a custom print format that imitates our quotation print format but based on the Sales Order - but that’s cheating and not best practice - always good to have full history of Quotation → SO → SI.

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How about duplicating the previously sent “Quotation”? Will that not work for you?

Hi @KanchanChauhan thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately in some cases there is no “original” quotation as we would have either not complete the job since implementing ERPNext or it was entered only as a SO so no previous Q exists.


That might be a problem. Quotations created within ERPNext are linked to SO’s. I am not sure if importing the quotations will help. But you can try out.

This can actually be done by creating a custom python script.

@johnskywalker If you have done something like this, can you please share your code. It will interesting to see.

Hi my Idea is to have a custom doctype, which is a child table to the customer. This child table will serve as a history of sales orders. There will be a button field named “make quotation”, once click it will copy that sales order, and at the same time they can also make changes if they want to increase the qty.

@monojoker will this solve?

Hi @johnskywalker it certainly sounds like what I was after. If you click “Make Quotation” does it create a Doctype of Quotation or of Sales Order? Thanks.

it creates Doctype of Quotation :slight_smile:

Only one question left then - how do I get my hands on it? :slight_smile:

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