Sales Order Trends Report Error

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing an issue with my Sales Order Trends Report and I cannot tell if it’s a bug or a user error. All of our company’s orders since January 2018 are logged in ERP as a Sales Order, and I’ve been able to run reports against these orders until October 1st. Now when I run a Sales Order Trends Report it only pulls orders that were entered during October, example photos below.

I noticed the error after I entered a Stock Reconciliation on September 28th. Is there a correlation with the Stock Reconciliation and Sales Order Trends Report?

Any advice would be appreciated, my company is relying on these reports to be accurate. Thank you!

Depends on the posting date selected in the Sales Order. Perhaps posting date was not changed to actual SO date. could you confirm/

Hi @umair,

We have Sales Orders with posting dates as far back as January. See below. The report should show all Sales Orders from 2018.

Hi @umair,

I figured out that when I change the status of a Sales Order to “Close” the Sales Order Trends Report will not pull the data from said Sales Order. However, if the status is in the “To Bill” stage, then it shows up on the report. (See photos below for reference.) This is not an intuitive interpretation of the Sales Order Trends Report as one would think the report would pull data from all Sales Order posted in the chosen year. Is this the intended purposes or is this a potential bug? Is there a better report I should use to calculate the number of items sold in a given period?

Below is the open Sales Order for our customer, Presidio. The product’s code is 6130-000072-001 and was shipped on 11/06.

Here the Sales Order Trends Report shows item code 6130-000072-001.

Once I close the same Sales Order for Presidio, the Sales Order Trends Report no longer recognizes item 6130-000072-001 as a product sold.

Any advice is appericated. Thank you for your time.

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Thanks, @Alissa_Rice for pointing this out. Looking into the code, the closed sales orders are really excluded (this is from v12):

if conditions.get('trans') in ['Sales Order', 'Purchase Order']:
	cond += " and t1.status != 'Closed'" 

which I personally agree, is rather a bug than a feature. We often see closed sales orders, but that does not make them in any way not valid (and not to be included int the trend)…

The purpose of the status “Closed” is to denote an unsuccessful sale, and thereby it is excluded. I mean, the SO Trend report is highlighting the “trends” of the sales that have been done.

What could be the reason to refer the closed orders when nothing of value was delivered to the customer (items - products or services) or gained by the user (payments)? I’m curious.

Hi @jaichavan,

in many cases, “Closed” has to be used in a normal case, for example, when an order was placed, but only partly delivered and the rest of the order cancelled. There are many other cases, where even if the order is completed, it remains open and an operator will close it. All of them should be reported in the trend analysis - otherwise, they would be cancelled.