Sales Order Type other than Sales, Maintenance & Shopping Cart

We have added one more type of Sales order from Customize form. But, we are getting following message. How can we have additional Sales Order Type?

<img src=“/uploads/default/original/2X/e/eecf12d776a0c2189f45496f9f567b93fb87e030.png” width=“690” height=“387”


Based on Sales Order type, next steps for Sales Order is set. There are logic and script behind each Order Type.

Please elaborate your requirement for the new Order Type.

@umair Umair,

We are into various types of business and we need to categorize our sales order as show below.

Sales order for…

  • MFG (FFE)
  • MFG (Hose)
  • Projects
  • Supply Only

(Rather they are the cost-centers also. But, I could not find Cost-Center Field in Sales Order).

Do you suggest that we should make a custom field for the same? Please advise.

Please insert custom field to categorize Sales Order as per your requirement.

Hi Umair,

I trust you’re doing well. We are having a slight issue here also but it may just be a naming issue. In the Item master, we set an Item as a Service Item and the field description below tells us that this allows possibility of selecting the Item in Sales Order of type ‘Service’ - There is however no such option in the Sales Order Type field! All we have is Sales, Maintenance, and Shopping Cart

If the Maintenance option is supposed to be for Services then I think it should be renamed as such since not all Services are maintenance jobs. If however the Maintenance option is not meant to be for Services then we need to add a Service option asap

Could you please look into this and advise?


Kind regards,