Sales order wise profitability

Wanted to start a discussion on whether it is valuable / possible to see sales order wise profitability for a ecommerce type distribution business. The intent is to generate the analytics inside of erp - instead of pulling data into excel etc.

Background - ecommerce distribution business where orders can come in via marketplaces or directly via website (D2C). Each sales order will have its own set of costs associated with it - for example hypothetically - with a marketplace commission, fulfillment, etc. or for consumer direct - the shipping cost, credit card cost, etc. Those costs are order qty and shipping distance dependent as well. Thinking that there may be some intelligence in the data if we can link/lump order related costs to sales order.

Is there a way to easily create a workflow to link a transporter delivery purchase invoice with a delivery note and the corresponding sales order - and generate order profitability? I think we need to use cost centers and/or accounting dimensions - but they would still represent aggregated data without the order level granularity. One idea I have is to use the sales order number as an accounting dimension and then when posting purchase invoices - tag them with the related sales order or delivery note. But this requires a lot of manual intervention and if business scales - may not be sustainable. Is there an automated way of doing this? (Easily - I am not a developer).

Will appreciate any ideas / suggestions on how to set this up… thanks.

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