Sales Order with Variants and Bundles


I want to use ERPNext for cloth manufacturing company.

There are different types of clothes like;
Outerwear and etc.

All the above are not a stock items.

Different raw materials are used to produce above clothes.
For eg: you can see the screenshot.

There are different options available for that particular cloth(jersey).

The following are the raw materials used to produce jersey;
encased elastic

The same thing applies for other cloth but with different raw materials.

When a customer calls us and asks for a jersey, we will be asking the customer about their requirements for jersey, like(fabric type, sleeve type, zipper, etc for which there are different options available).

After getting the details of the customer and the product needs, this information should be directly fetched in the sales order.

Jersey is not a stock item, only the raw materials are the stock item.

Only raw materials should get affected with the stock inventory.

So, how can I do that?

Please help.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @Sujay,

have you looked into the bill of material (BOM)? Probably for each request you will have to create an article, map it with a BOM and define the raw materials. You can from there include the BOM article in the sales and the raw materials in a purchase request.

Hope this helps.

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is jersy is final product

Did you check on item vairiants ?

You will have to create BOM per variant I think so.