Sales partner - sales team table not showing


I was trying to make sales order with computation of sales commission to a certain salesperson, but in the sales team table is not showing. see below screen shot:

What would be the problem why it is not showing?
Thank you…

Either you made it hidden from Customize Form. Or “Sales Extras” is unchecked from “Features Setup”

Hi Nabin,

Thank you…
Now it’s showing… :smile:

Hi Nabin,

I was trying to test computation of commission on the invoice using the erpnext demo.
But when I was trying to save the invoice this error message is showing:

I have computed the sales commission below the sales invoice as follows:

sales team = commission rate = 5%

and for the breskdown of commission for sales person as below:
salesperson1 = 3%
salesperson2 = 2%

Can you please check what is the problem with this?
Thank you…

In Sales Team table, there is no column for commission rate, it is contibution percentage, hence the sum must be 100%. You have to calculate incentive amount manually.

hi nabin,

Does it mean that after inputing the % contribution of the salesperson, we need to manually input the amount of incentive which is the same amount of the automatically computed contribution to net total?

It can be the same amount but depends on the scheme of your organization. Most companies have different incentive structure for their sales team, hence can’t automate the thing. “Contribution %” will give you the idea about the contribution of your sales team for a deal.