Sales Partners: Sales Persons:: Commissions:Incentives?

I think most companies would give incentives/commission to sales persons.
ERPNext manual recommends adding sales persons as sales partners to calculate incentive.
My question is whether sales partners can be added as employees?

I am still struggling with this.
From What I understand Sales Partners will be distributors/ dealers etc who get a commission for sales that they make. While Sales persons are Internal employees who get incentives commissions based on various rules.

In present setup it is not possible to have both a sales person and a partner for the same customer.
Also incentives are not really linked to salary structure for the sales team.

Now generally there is field for only one sales person per customer in other packages. ERPNext has a sales team (which is definitely a good feature). However I don’t see any way for incentive calculations present in the system?

Any ideas how other systems like sap, odoo etc. solve this?