Sales payment summary

sales payment summary, showing the total wrong. we done one transaction of 3.50, with tax total amount is 3.68 . customer gave 10.00 and cashier return back 6.32.
When we run report it should show us total payment 3.68 not 10.

At end of day it will give huge difference. it should show total from how much we make sale.

Need help plz


need help

So for a ‘till cash’ transaction, Sales Payment Summary apparently reports the gross and not the net payment.

Have you checked for other reports that fail or correctly report the net amount?

Do the Journal Entry amounts correctly record the transaction?

What version are you on - are you self hosted?

Thank you for replay, how can we change to net payment. because if we put total receive it will give at end of day wrong numbers.
JV giving the correct report, i am using latest version v10.1.48 and its on local host.
if there any other way to make the report of total sale showing in one line only.

i don’t want report which give complete sales details with invoice numbers. This is for one retail store and daily 1000+ invoices generating.
An easy way for the cashier to calculate total sale and how much cash we have in till.

Good so you are local and can analyse and diagnose the root cause of your ‘wrong numbers’ issue.

Two ‘due diligence’ options that would give you much confidence and learning -

  1. Export your data to a spreadsheet to identify what particular reports list your misfit numbers.

  2. Create a separate environment and a single transaction test case to reproduce and isolate your problem case.

For you to contribute your (bug?) findings would be invaluable of course!

Other options are to search the forum or github to confirm your issue or possibly someone familiar with your case will respond.

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