Sales Person commission based on payment

i would like to calculate sales Partner commision based on payment received from customer rather than sales order/sales invoice value. Is it possible somehow or is it a feature request to be made?


You mean want to calculate the commission based upon customer part payments ?

Yeah .exactly

any good solution here ?

@Savad_Ibrahim did you solve ?

Not yet

The SQL is rather is easy only if you can tell how to differentiate a “commission payment” from other payments made to the so called “sales partner”.

did you solve it?

Very usefull conection with payments

My advice would be to have a function to calculate upon payment/payment reconciliation of the invoices where there is commission payment is defined. Another option maybe overriding the calculation function with an option on the form setting the calculation time either during invoice creation or invoice (payment) status change.

Hi, this PR its very advanced, but actually be in Close state