Sales Person ( Employee ) incentive automatically in Salary Slips


How do I automatically include Sales Incentive of Employees while crearting the Salary Slips?



This feature is not readily available in ERPNext.

You can add incentive using “Additional Salary Component” feature. You will have to create Additional Salary at the month end, so that it’s added in the Employee’s Salary Slip for that month.

Hey thanks for the reply Umair. Will use the Additional salary feature for now. But going forward do you think it could be helpful to have it automated? I would be willing to have that change done if it makes sense in the generic sense.


this seems to be a reasonable addition.

So, as of now when incentives are calculated when an SI is made, there is no effect on accounting enteries w.r.t those incentives?

Is it still in work? Very interested in this feature