Sales person or cashier wise reports

Hello good people, thanks for this brilliant opportunity and such a solid erp offering.
We are testing erpnext and one very critical and desirable report is to see the total sales per sales person ie cashier. We have tried to setup the user, create the employee and map the user and then map the employee identity to a sales person entry.

If we run the sales person wise sales report from selling, there are no results, the only thing we can do is to use the report builder style to query the sales based on created by field. This would have been enough, but the columns do not total the sale if you investigate one cashier.

I will like some guidance: what transactions do sales persons perform that get captured by the sales person wise report? I have selected sales invoice, yet no sales.

How also do we get the report total to work?

We are using the virtual appliance to test.

In summary, we need to see what each cashier sells at the end of the day with the sales total, any script or guidelines will help.


Thanks for the kind words. Please check following link to know how Sales Persons are used in the sales transactions.

If sales users are used in sales transactions as suggested, you will also get values correctly in the Sales Person-wise Transaction Summary report.

Thanks for the heads-up Sir; I figured it out and it works well; what we also did was set up a ‘customer-entity’ per cashier since there may not be any time to collect data and some customers simply wouldn’t oblige; the sales persons were set up per their customer entity something like ###KENT-ENTITY, so the cashier selects their named customer entity for their sale; we tried setting the default customer in the pos setting so; but I noticed if we set up a default customer per pos setting for sales persons; the sales-person-wise transaction summary doesn’t populate the grid. Please look at this issue; it will be nice to speed up pos transactions by having this default customer load and still have the reports populate properly.

Thanks and best regards.

Kent C.
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Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this in Version 10.

Hello Obinna, I’m not on a system, but I believe there’s a report called Sales Payment Report that solves this satisfactorily, before this, we edit the report and add the ‘owner’ field to the filters.