Sales Person - Sales Person Tree User Permission

Hi everyone,

I am facing a difficulty here which I believe many users shared the same problem. By default, a Sales Person can access to the whole Sales Person Tree but in my scenario, I wanted to limit the access: individual Sales Person can only access to their respective Sales Person page. As for Sales Manager (is group node), they can access to their own node only.

The following screenshots is one of my attempts:

Sales Person’s access before any setting, they are able to access the whole Sales Person Tree:

Setting user permission:

After setting user permission, user can’t even access to themselves and their own group:

I read some of the earlier threads which suggested an alternative way of using “Territory” which I believe isn’t the right way. In my case, Sales Person are free to ‘roam’ in all territories. If I were to create a Territory named after each Sales Person like some have suggested in those threads, then it will mess up our territory classification for our customers.

**I am using ERPNext: v11.1.46