Sales Projection Module

Hi all,

We are grateful for the work done by Frappe and the rest of the community dedicated to building ERP Next into a truly remarkable and enabling platform for organizations worldwide.

At KORECENT (SECTOR 5, Panchkula) we believe, we want to make valuable contributions to the Community with the intention that some or all of this work may be used to enhance this great platform for all who use it.

We have developed a new module named as “Sales Projection”. Using this module company can maintain their sales projections.

In this module we have created a new form named as " Sales Projection form". In this form we have added various fields like Company , Branch ,Month , Year.

Apart from this we have added a Item table in this form. In this table we can add “Item Code” and its “Sales Projection Quantity”.

In the second step we have created a report named as “Sales Projection per month”. This report will fetch data from the “Sales Projection” doctype.

Using this report we can view the “Sales Projected quantity” per month for each item. This will help company in maintaining their Sales Projection.

The purpose of this post is to share our discoveries and challenges as we also get feedback from the community on:

  1. Feasibility of the module limitations and drawbacks.
  2. Additional features that may be useful.

We appreciate any feedback/suggestions on our proposed solution and will provide GitHub access soon.

Nikhil Rana
on behalf of ERP Next team at KORECENT (

pls kindly check, no link to module/source provided. This module very usefull

@nikhil90 are you going to contribute this? If you are not, I will have to mark this post as commercial.

@rmehta Hi Sir,

Please help us or provide any steps of how to contribute this feature.


Welcome nikhil90

The idea is you fork and host your custom app on github, then issue a pull request.

You can read up on the details here

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You will have to move this feature from your custom app to erpnext, then make detailed docs, tests and send a pull request like @clarkej mentioned.


Hi, any update on this feature?