Sales/Purchase Taxes and Charges

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Our main company currency is in JOD. We have some customers and suppliers in USD. When trying to add Sales or Purchase Taxes and Charges, the system is automatically converting into the company currency in the table list view and in the print but the value is staying as put in USD, this happens when saving. The account head is in company currency JOD not USD. We can’t create account head for each currency we sell with as we sell also in JOD/USD/EUR/GBP. We are on V13.

please check below screenshots, thanks for your help to understand this issue. We have another account on V12 and this issue is not there, it works perfectly fine, it uses the customer currency set in the Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice which is what we want in our case.

First picture shows that the currency for customer and “Sales Invoice” is set at USD.

Second Picture shows the sales tax and charge table before entering the amount and showing as USD.

Third Picture shows that the currency changed to JOD after entering an amount and saving.

Fourth Picture shows that the print preview has two currencies.

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Below also screenshot from within the account details if this also helps.

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Hi All, anyone can assist?