Sales & Purchases invoices Status

Dear Sir,

in ERP some sales & Purchases invoices status shown still overdue/unpaid but all payment entries linked it to against sales & Purchases invoices but still shown status some invoices Overdue/Unpaid. So want to chanage Sales & Purchase invoices status paid. Please how can i close that status

They are overdue only because there is some pending delivery or billing. Will be great if you could share some data/screenshot indicating that fulfillment is 100% done.

No Sir there is no Pending Deliovery pr Billling

When you payment entry did you “allocate payment”?

Dear Sir,

Allocated All against payments

If the amounts (qty and rate) do not match exactly, it will always show overdue. We have the same experience. You have to go in and manually close them. :frowning:

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I face same issue… the paid amount already same with the Sales Invoice amount…

Any update about this issue?

Dear Hussain

Did u find any solution to this problem of paid invoices showing overdue

Please help me if u have some solution for it

Dear Hussian,

I found once solution

U can go into payment reconciliation and u select the respective invoice and payment against that invoice

The status will cahnge once the click on reconcile