Sales quote customisation

Hi, how can i print PN and description in one column? like the attached image


The image appears to show the PN and description on the same row. You can create a custom print format and edit the Items table to select which fields are displayed and the order that they are displayed in.

Thank you , but how to merger item code and description, also i need a data row below it to add the details of the part, which will be different for different quote

I don’t know if Version 12 has any enhncements for dynamically adding text to forms, as we discussed earlier this year

Perhaps someone who is familiar with Quick Entry could suggest a way to do it.

Maybe this will work.

Customize the Quotation Item form and change the Description field to type Text Editor. When you create the Quotation you can enter text as desired.

print format can be customized as well, in Standard view it would look like this.