Sales Report by Warehouse


Currently I cannot see sales details on all available sales reports by warehouse (e.g. sales register, item-wise sales register, sales analytic, sales invoice trends etc). So as work-around I use Territory instead (one territory for each warehouse).

But it would be better to have warehouse filter on all sales reports, because one territory usually can have one or more warehouses.



Territory is the better approach for the regional sales report. Generally sales reports are not generated based on Warehouse.

You can also track it by creating Cost Center for each territory.

@umair, we have a need to analyze sales performance by warehouse.

Yes, I use Territory now to address this (1 territory has 1 warehouse with same name). This way we can analyze sales by territory, which is the ‘warehouse’.

But I think it’s better to have warehouse filter on sales reports, so we can use Territory more for regional tracking (1 Territory can have multiple warehouses).