Sales Return case


I problem with sales return , the case is :
->Item A x 100 Box
->Item B x 100 Box
->Item C x 100 Box

->Item D x 100 Box
->Item B x 100 Box
->Item C x 100 Box

->Item D x 50 Box
->Item A x 50 Box

->Item B x 50 Box

But at delivery-004 the customer give a retur
→ item B x 55 PCS
→ item A x 20 Box
→ item C x 60 PCS

1 Box= 100 PCS
now im confused about how i should make an entry ?
anyway we wont keep the PCS stock…



You should create a Sales Return entry against Delivery Note from where returned item was actually delivered.

Consider the case given above, you will have to go to specific Delivery Notes (1,2,3,4), and create Sales Return entry against them.

Hi umair… in my case the admin dont know from which delivery note is the return… some times when it delivered its returned so i itend to use sales return from delivery note… but the invoice is not deducted as i test… so i think i cant use it either…


Sales Return against Delivery Note will only bring back stock in your warehouse. For Accounting, you should create Credit Note/Sales Return against Sales Invoice as well.

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Hi Umair,

We are testing v5, we do have now v5.6.4

This is Ok, we did all the process but Credit Note is not the solution for us. In our country, is needed to create a Sales Invoice Return and return the money to the customer. Formal sales invoice return is a must cause needs to be reflected at the accounting. Each year accounting is presented to the fiscal authority.

We did found that when you create new invoice, if POS is selected, then a new field appears, “is sales return” but it is not clickable.

Thank for your help.

Best Regards

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