Sales Return issue

When i make sales return (for a paid invoice)
it didn’t create a reversed journal for the payment transaction
it creates only a reversed journal for the invoice transaction

if you make sales return you must make credit note too.

for example:
when you make a new “Sales Return” (for a paid invoice) - save and submit ---- status “Return”
and view accounting ledger… journal default "Stores Debet, Cost of Good Sold Credit

next, you must make a new “Credit Note” for a paid invoice - save and submit —status “Return”
and view accounting ledger … journal default "Sales Debet, Debtors Credit.

what about the journal
Debit: Debitors
Credit : cash or bank


if next day you receive payment from that customer,
go to payment entry… choose Payment Type “receive”, party type “customer”, party “that customer have credit note”,
choice account paid to, fill paid amount… and you can see " that Credit Note"