Sales return list (Manual entry)


Is there any way to create a sales return without linking it to a certain sales invoice? Same as installation note where we have 2 options, either to convert the sales invoice or create manual installation note without linking it to the sales invoice…


Sales Return can be generated by corresponding invoice at the time. What is your use case for stand alone return?

May you please explain more?


Sometimes, we need to change the cost center, date, warehouse…etc for certain items which not affecting the return transactions…Why I need to go with that proces (Cancel return, then amend the delivery note, then re-enter the return again…!!! I a huge of work volume for something can be done within few minutes.


Delivery note items:
A Qty 3
B Qty 2
C Qty 5

Return for only item A, and after a while, we decided to change the cost center, qty, of item code B,C … There should be a way to amend my Delivery note for those items not linked to the return trx…

PLease help me out


There is a feature of standalone credit/debit note to be implemented. Have a look and see if it covers your use case.