Sales Return (without reference of Sales Invoice)

I am implementing ERPNext as a new user & using it since 1st April 18. Now, I have to take SALES RETURN from customers as per following conditions…

  1. There are no Old Sales Invoices against that Sales Return feature can work.
  2. In future also, I have to take returns for supplies made by many Invoices.
  3. How will I handle GST for returns ?

Tutorial at is VERY OLD. Its not correct for present situation after GST application in India.

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Already answered here -

What will happen to Invoice Series ?
How Batch Nos will be handled ?

When will this feature available to us ?

It’d be great if you could try this on

When version 11 is released.Eagerly waiting for it myself.

I am thinking about a work around for sales return …

  1. Receive sales return material by Stock Entry Form.
  2. Then make value entry in Customer Ledger by JV.

Is this correct ?

I am not able to make any type of entry for Expired Stock like…

  1. Stock Receive.
  2. Sales Invoice.
  3. Stock Entry.
  4. Delivery Note.

These entries are necessary for handling expired stocks. It cant be left at warehouse forever.

Still waiting for solution.

Still waiting

You may want to scratch your own itch?

edit: The idea is you are the best qualified to define the problem and propose a solution here etc

This will work but not the second point.

You cannot enter anything directly in debtor without an invoice

Even I am working on something to find the solution for this, What I do it i change the batch expiry temporary and then process the document and then later change the batch expiry to its actual.