Sales returns on delivery notes should also be possible for re-delivery…

We are
trading company and distributor of some products.

our products are having 1 year warranty from date of invoice to our customer
and same thing we have warranty with our Supplier.

In this
case, we need this feature to be available in erpnext.

Below is the

We sold
ITEMA(serialized item) to CustomerA dated 01/03/2016 (item with warranty of

After about
6 months, Customer came and saying he is having some problem with the device.

In this
case, we check the invoice and check that the item is still under warranty.

For the
purpose of accepting the item back, we made a sales return in the previous
delivery note (DR-RET) but did not make credit note since the item is needed to
be checked by the technical team.

The item was
sent to the technical team and was check if there is any problem on the device.

further checking and upgrade done on the device, it works fine, then we need to
give the same item to CustomerA.

Currently in V7 of Erpnext, we can only make new delivery note for the same item (same
serial number) which was returned by the customer. What we need to see in the
ERP is that after making the DR-RET, there will be an option to make delivery
note on that DR-RET so the documents are still linked to each other, or from that
same DR-RET, we can make delivery note for the replacement of that item if it
is found to be really not working…

Dear ai_me,
Have you got the solution? I’m also interesting in it.