Sales Revenue with different currency


The normal work flow for sales is

sales order ------ sales invoice ------ payment

lets suppose our company currency is US

so when i open the General ledger and check The Sales account
i can see my sales revenue

its great .

Now if i made a sales But not with Us currency
the system automatically put it in Sales with Us

i need to see my sales revenue in General ledger base of currency

so i need to see sales US
sales Euro

so i made a new a ccount and called it Sales Euro
But the system didnt use it , even i attempt to change the default income account in company setting to be Sales Euro
But also the system send all the sales proces to the Sales US

How can i achieve my need ?

Thx alot for your guide

if you want, you can create a report use report builder or query report or script report to get sales revenue with other currency report.

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