Sales tax on Sales Invoice do not apply automatically

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get the system to automatically apply sales tax templates on sales invoices. This is to begin with, later on, I’d like to expand and have a similar capability of applying taxes on Purchase Orders/Receipts.

For now, I’d like to automate as much as possible from the selling perspective.

First: I’ve created Sales Tax Templates:

Then I’ve created as many rules as feasibly possible, for the areas we do business in:

Take a look at one of the rules, for example:

I created a test customer with an address containing elements from the filters in this particular rule, namely Seattle, and then I proceeded to create an invoice, and I hoped sales taxes would fetch automatically?

What could it be, that taxes from charge templates aren’t fetching automatically?


Hi @denny369v,

Please check it.

Tax Rule in Sales Invoice

Reference from the documentation.

Thank You!

Hi there,
Thank you for the reply.

That is exactly what I’ve done, created a tax template, then rule, then created invoice with customer within those filters. Template does not automatically apply. I’ve done exactly as you are pointing out.

Any further input, sir? I appreciate everyone’s time looking into this.


Hi @denny369v,

I tried using the latest version, which is version 14, but I did not encounter any issues.

Thank You!

If I remember correctly there was an option that indicated to which address to use the taxes: to the billing address or to the shipping address.

OK update,
to anyone concerned, I am still verifying this, you have to choose either Billing or Shipping filters in the TAX RULE for them to work. Apparently, it is not either or, which could be seen as a bug or functionality improvement;