Sales Taxes and Charges Master: Enforce Reload in New Documents


We are planning to change some of the taxes and charges master in our system and I would like to know that how could I enforce the reloading of the taxes in old transaction.

Currently we don’t have the inclusive check box checked but now we are planning to change the sales tax to include certain taxes. Everything seems to be fine but the only problem is that if we have an old quotation with some old charges master and I would like to know if we make a new Sales order or Sales Invoice from Old Quotation then the old Taxes would be loaded where the inclusive tax is not checked.

I would like to know if there is a way we could enforce that when a new Sales Order or Sales Invoice is made then the New Taxes are loaded.

This problem is also faced when ever there is a change in the tax rate. Like in India the tax was changed from 12.36% to 12.5% then also we faced this problem where the old taxes were loaded and people sometimes used to make the invoices based on old tax rate.

I hope there is a solution to such problem.

You can disable the old taxes master. But I am not sure if it will throw a validation for new transactions. Can you add this to GitHub.


Since the old tax masters are linked to customers, we generally reuse the old sales taxes and charges master.

I have created a github issue