Sales Taxes and Charges Template missing fields in the setup table


I suddenly realized that I can’t change the default Tax values that I had entered into ERPNext sometime ago. I was using V14 when I realised this, and now I installed and restored the database onto V15 and migrated the DB. However I still don’t get the option to create a proper Tax structure record. Its not giving me the option to select the Taxes, enter the values and set the conditions (as shown below).

As I installed a fresh copy of V15, I navigated to the Accounts → Sales Tax and Charges Template and found that all the necessary selections were available. However when I restored the backup from my live environment, the template changed to the below (image).

Has anyone experienced this, and any solution for this please?


Any help or suggestions on the above topic is really appreciated. I’m a bit stuck now without being able to change tax rules. Thank you.

I found the problem. My bad. Some time ago, I had changed the permissions on the Fields of the Sales and Tax Template to limit visibility for certain users. As soon as I changed it back to default, all the fields were visible to me again and I was able to change the values. Again sorry for the thread clutter.