Sales taxes are zeroed out on invoice but present on sale order

Hi there,

i use ERPNext: v14.31.3

since last update, sales taxes are calculated when creating a sale order


when i create a sale invoice from the sale order they are also therre


but the minute i save it they goes to 0s


any help or ideas?

I have the same issue when creating a sales invoice from a timesheet. When i click save the taxes disappear.

Found a dirty solution to our problem. In the second picture, before saving the invoice, change the “type” to “actual” from “on net total”. When you hit save the tax gets saved too.
I’m sure there is a proper way to fix this but at least this works for the moment

it works but then again the rate falls to “0”

For me it did that one time but when you print the invoice it is correct. if you check ledger it has also been entered. How can the most basic function as calculating vat not work correctly?!

Do you have any extra modules installed? i had POSAwesome, HR, insights, drive, whatsapp, payments. removed frappe folder and reinstalled newest version ERPNext 14.32.1 and frappe 14.42.0 without the extra modules. Now it’s working like it should again.
I suspect POSAwesome had something to do with it since it gave me some unrelated errors earlier. Maybe the one-person team does not have time to update the module as often as ERPNext to make sure it is compatible with new versions being released every week

pos awesome

This is what modules i used.

I did some changes to customize forms and then reset everything to default and got an error for missing attribute in customsalesinvoice for posa_coupons or something similar. it disappeared after i did a bench migrate. I don’t know much about this software but i suspect posa changes the default erpnext forms in some way to make it compatible with its module. I suspect this is what causes some error with the tax calculations.
I also had other problems and bugs. When making an invoice from a timesheet and then importing a sales order with items to the invoice they wouldn’t get added to the list of products/services. Also had problems with custom forms not appearing.
All works great now that i got rid of POSAwesome.
Edit: I also installed all the other modules i had earlier except POSAwesome and it still works perfect.