Sales Team Commission

I am facing an issue in fixing Commission of Sales Team.
Like i am selling:
Product A: $1000
Product B: $500
Service Charges: $10
Gross invoice value is $1560
Commission Distribution to Sales Agent @ 10% on Service Charges that is $1


Seems you have add Service Charges under Item table. Add Service Charges under Tax Table instead of Item Table and check.


I didn’t Under stand how i can do this. Can you please guide me in the matter.

This is the case I need commission on AED100 where as it is computing commission on AED1227.5


Hi welcome to ERPNext,

Maybe you must add say a ‘commissionable’ checkbox attribute to select only those Items subject to commission?

Find similar cases for eg charges, taxes to identify and compare how these work then do some trial and error to bootstrap your learning?