Salutation doctype issue

After upgrade of v8 to v9 getting this error when trying to open the employee list


I have a good list of salutations

Did you try “bench migrate” ?

Yes, this is on a brand new upgrade. I just tried again and get same error.


On which doctype you were getting the error? The issue seems to be with Property Setter.
Please check the Customize Form and check if salutation field options is Salutation or not.

hi all
Thanks you every for your queries and solutions.

I think that is the problem, this is what the field looks like in customize form


The upgrade did not clear the option values from the old select value to work as a link.

I try to change the value to Salutation for the link, but get this error


Any other thoughts here? I have confirmed that Salutation is a valid DocType (or at least I think it is), but for some reason I can’t update the form to allow me to change the options to the DocType.

Do you have access to the database? If so, try changing it there.

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We are experiencing exactly the same issue in an ERPNext cloud account! This needs urgent fixing as the Employee list has been inaccessible for about a week now


Can you try cut options from options field after that change type to select and re paste options.


Thanks for your suggestion but that doesn’t work. Any changes to the options results in the same error reported by @James_Robertson above

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Since there is a script preventing the changes on the “Customize Form” doctype, would it not be possible to write a custom script to update what you needed?

Haven’t tried it myself. I think conceptually, it should work.

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@James_Robertson We had this issue as well, where Employee doctype had Mr/Mrs etc as options for Salutation field.
We deleted the row from ‘tabProperty Setter’ table, after that bench update was successful.

P.S. I think upto V7, Salutation was a select field, so if database has old data, this error occurs.


@schilgod - Thanks for the tip! I knew the issue would be in the database somewhere, but wasn’t sure where to look. I was looking in tabDocType and tabDocField last night.

For those following along, this is what I did to resolve

bench backup
bench mysql
DELETE FROM `tabProperty Setter` WHERE name='Employee-salutation-options';
bench migrate

Now I can get to the employee list and when I look at the customize form area the option is set correctly.

This is a workaround of course and does not solve the underlying issue with bench update where we have a scenario where an existing field is changed from a option field to a link field with a new child doctype. I opened a git for this.


Great :+1:

I’m on the latest and my Salutation Doctype is not of type ‘Link’

For the actual Salutation DocType that is right. Where it is used, such as from the Employee DocType it is supposed to be a link.

Oh ok. Now if only I could find where the change took place…:thinking: Seems like there should have been a patch to remove the Options but there wasn’t/

Yes. That is what I am alluding to in the git issue I opened for this. Maybe add a patch script to look for salutation options in the table like what I nuked to work around the issue. Since they run before the bench migrate at the end, the process work work fine. Just some thoughts.

those were the steps i followed to solve the issue… thanks to James_Robertson