Samba 4 for users login

Hi all,
Is possible to use an AD server based on samba 4 (nethserver 7.3 centos) as credentials server for erpnext?

Yes, via LDAP

thanks @James_Robertson

i have adopt this config

LDAP Server Url: ldap:// (IP of bridge NSDC)
Organizational Unit: CN=Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=it
Base Distinguished Name (DN): CN=admin,CN=Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=it
Password for Base DN: •••••••••
LDAP Search String: cn=*{0}
LDAP First Name Field: displayName
LDAP Email Field: userPrincipalName
LDAP Username Field: name

now login correctly via ldap based on Nethserver 7.3, samba 4 Domain Controller

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