Same Batch Different Pack Size

I have 1 product in different packing of 1 ltr, 500ml, 250ml & 100ml
As batch is created for full lot of a chemical and then packed in different sizes, batch number should be same for these all items. But I am not able to create them with same batch number.

Suggest what to do.

Is it managed with Item variants, where size is an attribute? If that’s the case, it means each variant (1 ltr, 500ml, 250ml & 100ml) will be the separate item code. Hence it cannot have same batch no. as the batch no. of original produced item.

Perhaps you can name Batch ID for the variant item in a way that it reflect the Batch ID of it’s parent item, for your referencing.

I understood your point, but, is there any way in which parent Items follow this rule of unique batch id & variants doesn’t check for uniqueness.

As per your suggestion, please suggest more with this example. …

Item X 's Batch = GS/DV/100

Variant’s Batch …
Item X (1 Ltr) = ?
Item X (500 ml) = ?
Item X (250 ml) = ?
Item X (100 ml) = ?

Imp Points :-

  1. Batch numbers should not be long as its printed on labels.
  2. Batch number will also get printed on invoice & stock reports.

I have this issue as well. I would like to have the variants have the same batch id because they are delivered in the same batch with the same batch number. I can’t simply rename the batch numbers to distinguish the different pack sizes because of regulatory requirements. What is the best solution to this?

Any solution for this ?

in batch properties like Mfg Date, Exp Date ask them to add one more Property Size
when you make production enter Batch no, Size, Mfg Date, Exp Date, Cost, Distributor Rate, Retailer Rate , MRP