Same Batch Name from different Supplier

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When we Import Items through Purchase Receipt, we map the item to the batch which is created based on the batch details mentioned in the Item provided by the Supplier.

What would happen if two supplier supplies items have the same batch number.

Since the Batch-ID is unique, it would not be possible to add two batches with same name

How do we handle such scenarios? Any Best Practices or Suggestion is welcome


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My guess is that if batch is used with expiry date and if both batches have same expiry date then it should not be a problem.

Even if expiry date is not used you should be able to add more items to existing batch. It’s a common scenario where purchase is done multiple times for an item with existing batch number.

In one of customization long back we had written a script to check existing batch for reuse. It was on V11, maybe V12 has that function now as built in.

Hi @Muzzy. Thanks for the response. May be i had to be describe it more clearer here.

I have a Item A which from Supplier A is received with Batch BT-09(Batch Name decided by supplier)
I have a Item B which from Supplier B is received with Batch BT-09(Batch Name decided by supplier)
When i Do Purchase Receipt for Item A, i would have associated Item A with BT-09.
Now when i do Purchase Receipt for Item B, i will not be able to associate Item B with BT-09.
This is because batch name is already available and it has Item A in it.

I would like to know how to handle this situation.


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I am facing the same dilemma. Please suggest a solution

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Even more, @saravana! Some suppliers produce huge batches, and, sometimes, it’s common to buy 2 or 3 items from the same batch.

My suggestion is: the batch has to be related to only one item. and, to address this specific situation, maybe approval could be requested.

One thing I learnt very early. Always concatenate the Item Code and the Supplier’s Batch Number to ensure that you don’t run into these types of problems.

Hope this helps.



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Hahaha. Good one. I think we followed this method many years ago when we built our pos app. Never gave us issue in receiving and selling batch items.

However, we let ERPNext define the batches. Didn’t user supplier batch number.

In my case, I need to do it… We are doing as @JayRam suggested, but it’s a (nice) workaround.

To me, it seems like a bug. Erpnext should check only if there are the same batch numbers INSIDE the item. And also, should alert or deny, depending on the user configs…

@saravana, I have same problem. Do you solve this?