Same GST number for 2 different companies

Hi! I have 2 companies. One is a ‘child’ of the other. Both are based in the same address and hence have the same GST number. How do I handle this use case? Please help. Thanks.

Can you elaborate a bit more on this?

A GST number represents a unique business entity that itself requires a unique PAN number.

Are you sure it’s a completely different company and not just a different business unit or branch?

Hi @kennethsequeira. No these are not two totally different companies. One company is a unit of another. Both based at the same address and having the same GST number. However, currently I get two seperate GST reports - one for each company and then have to merge them manually. Is there a better way? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

In that case, you probably don’t want to set them up as two different Companies. In ERPNext, “Company” assumes separate books, reports, etc. If you’re just looking to see reporting info for each separately (but use same accounts), check out Accounting Dimensions.

Thanks @peterg for your suggestion. What you say makes sense and could be a good workaround. But on principle - should the GST reports not depend on address (which includes the GST number) only? Is there any way by which I can generate GST reports by mentioning the GST number for which I need the report, and not necessarily the company name?

Please consult with tax auditor, CA etc if you are in India. What you explained is not a legitimate case in India for two different companies (even if sister/child/subsidiary/group company).
GST in India is based on 1. PAN, that is unique to each different business and 2. Address of unit.

In my opinion,you should have two different GST numbers. Or your management has just symbolically divided the operations.

Nonetheless, if you want a single GST report, treat the both unit as same single combined entity.