Same item different batch codes join as one total quantity

Hi Team,

we have a food manufacturing client that decided to implement batch codes in version 13 initially before we did not activate this feature. we wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions or solution to our concern.

the client lets say for this example pizza pepperoni has currently have 3 batches of the same sku for one invoice. so lets say he selects total quantity for all 3 batches but client prefers not be listed as pizza pepperoni with 3 separate items in their invoice, instead they want it printed as only 1 sku/ item with total quantity for all 3 batches. pls see screenshots below:

greatly need your help thanks!



for each pepperoni it came from a different batch but same sku and code

client wants it to be printed in sales invoice and delivery note as one sku only :slight_smile: