Same item is BOTH purchased and/or manufactured; What's the best practice to handle that?


I have items that I purchase from a supplier but also manufacture. What’s the best way to set this up in ERPNext? What’s the best practice with this software to allow me to either purchase or make the same item(s)?

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No special setup required.

Just create a BOM for the item you’ll be manufacturing. Also make sure that you have marked “Is Purchase Item” option in the item master’s purchase section.

So create the same item twice? Once for the purchased version (without a BOM) and one for the manufactured version (with a BOM)?

To create an item which has a BOM, you need to create an item anyway, so it is only the addition of the BOM which references the item that you need to create

So, if the item needs to be added to parent bom, what’s the mechanism to ensure erpnext uses the correct version (?); either the one with the bom or the one without?

Sort of the other way around.
You create an item, then in its screen, there is an option to add a BOM to it.

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Look at the following example:

This is one item I manufacture (I have two BOMs for this item) and which I can buy as well (Purchase is active).

Now, it is up to you if you’d like to differentiate between the item which is purchased and manufactured. The easiest way would be to of course maintain two different item codes (you can even look at variants if you’d like).

Long story short: You can do manufacturing and purchase activities for the same item code.

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Ahh! This makes sense. Thank you!!